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What Is A Safe Home?

  • A safe home is a place where your children may go and parents will know that.
  • No alcohol or drugs will be served, bought, or brought.
  • An adult chaperon will be on the premises and visible.
  • If someone does appear with drugs or alcohol, the host/hostesses will deal with the problem.
  • Parents of guests can feel free to call the host/hostess to inquire about party plans.

We believe that our young people must feel that it is okay NOT to participate in the use of drugs or alcohol.

A Good Time Does Not Have To Include Drugs And Alcohol!

Members of the Springfield Township’s SAFE HOME PROGRAM take a public stand for our young people. A master list of supporters is published to give all parents the courage to say "no" to alcohol and drugs and encourage parents to stand firm for what they believe.

All parents are invited to join the SAFE HOME PROGRAM. Some parents prefer not to include their phone numbers. We encourage you to call; however, we will not publish the number if you so request. We want your support!

Why Do We Need This Program?

  • Drug and alcohol use by teens is a significant problem.
  • Alcohol and drugs are known to be a leading cause of teenage robberies, vandalism, violence, and death.
  • No parent wants to find out the hard way!

How Will A "SAFE HOME" Help?

  • SAFE HOME parents understand that preventing the opportunity for trouble is much more effective than punishing afterwards.
  • SAFE HOME parents feel comfortable having their pre-teens and teens visit a SAFE HOME for parties.
  • SAFE HOME parents have access to a list of parents supporting the concept and program.

Your children will get the message that you, as a parent, are in charge, and that you care! They will see that you are taking the initiative to deal with the problems of drinking and drug abuse. When your child says to you, "But everybody else is allowed to..." - you will be able to show that you are a part of a large group of concerned parents who want SAFE HOMES for their children.

Guidelines For Parents

When your child is "hosting" a party:

  • Be a visible host or hostess - tell guests who choose to leave that they may not return.
  • Encourage "by invitation only" activities - do not permit party crashers - use a guest list.
  • Set a time limit - establish a definite beginning and ending – not too long.
  • Do not be afraid to call another child's parents if there is a problem or ask the help of the police if necessary

When your child is invited to a party:

Contact the person in charge or the host parent to:

  • Verify the occasion and location.
  • Make sure there will be adult supervision.
  • Be sure no alcohol or other drugs will be served.

If you feel the activity seems inappropriate or the supervision inadequate, express your concern, keep your child home, and seek alternate activities.

By signing the pledge card and returning it to Springfield Township, you are:

  • Stating that you will not allow parties or gatherings in your home when you are not there.
  • Agreeing that you will not allow minors (under 21) to consume alcohol or illegal drugs in your home or on your property.

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